Giuliano Ciabatta

I am Giuliano Ciabatta, an Italian song writer, guitar player, sound designer and creative artist. I have a wide background and experience as a digital solutions expert, recording studio producer and senior sound engineer for cruise ship shows and other live performances.

Since my youth, I have always explored my creative side from the fine arts, drawing, painting and writing, to later using digital technology, computer graphic, audio and video. I crossed a variety of experiences playing big band and pop-rock music.  As an executive for a folk and traditional music label, I was rewarded as the Italian music producer to promote and preserve my country’s heritage.

I won the most famous Italian song contest for children and wrote/produced puppet shows for young audiences.

I created a masterclass program for students at the Bernstein Musical Theater School (Bologna – Italy) inviting well known musical composers.

I consulted, produced and wrote songs for international music companies such as Warner Chappell, Universal Music, Sony Music, Walt Disney and Peanuts.

To explore and experience different sides of the entertainment business, I attended the conservatory at the Acting Studio NY.

As a well-traveled man, my life crossed a huge number of human stories being in touch with different countries, artists and environments.

Taking all these experiences, I now need to tell these stories.

In 2021, I moved to New York and am looking to collaborate with other creative artists, writers and producers.

Sound Engineer / Producer

Lucio Dalla (La neve con la luna… – Gli Occhi di Lucio – Dark Bologna – Dalla De Gregori Live)
Gianna Nannini (Gianna Live)

Raoul Casadei
Secondo Casadei

Playwright / Producer

Secondo Lui – L’amore ai tempi del Valzer” by Giorgio Comaschi e Giuliano Ciabatta (Tour 2017/2018)

Punto Com” by Giorgio Comaschi e Giuliano Ciabatta (2018)

Snoopy, Il Musical!” by Larry Grossman e Hal Hackady (Italian Version adapted and produced by Giuliano Ciabatta in collaboration with Larry Grossman) 2011

Pinocchio – Le Avventure di un Sognatore” by Carlo Collodi (Adapted by Teatro Umbro dei Burattini, Music by Giuliano Ciabatta)
Longest Italian Running Puppet Show – Since 2008
Il Piccolo Principe” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Teatro Umbro dei Burattini – Adaptation, Music and Lyrics by Giuliano Ciabatta) 2022

Composer / Soundtrack

Tutto Liscio” Directed by Igor Maltagliati with Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Serena Grandi, Ivano Marescotti. Soundtrack by Mirko Casadei e Giuliano Ciabatta

Career Associations, Organizations & Certifications
"My first guitar arrived when I was 14 years old, opening a whole new world for me."

Giuliano Ciabatta

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